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Dear visitor thanks you for taking the time to visit this page. Before I go into the story. I would like to give you a chance to understand who I am.

I was born and grew up in Switzerland. From the early days on I got used to understand the bible and the religious story of mankind. My mother is evangelical my father was catholic. I was one of few in school who was listening in religion class to teacher. However at that time I didn’t like to go to church at all.

Later on when I was about 17 years old I decided to give my life in Jesus hands and became a radical follower of Christ. This continued till I was 21 when I was married for the first time. Shortly after the marriage I realized – this was wrong! I got divorced and the priests of my church at that time kicked me out of it. Later on when I was 23 I got in contact with a religious single mother. I had hope to recover in god’s name but the guides at that church of her didn’t allow our relation. In fact, they set her under pressure to get rid of me. This made me frustrated and I finally decided to keep this behind of me and going my own way.

For years I didn’t touch any bible nor went to church anymore if not needed. Until these days. Why?

In 2016 I mentioned to my team mates at work: "One reason for our global problem is, that not all of us have the same lifestyle and possibilities. That’s nothing new I agree. But the biggest source for this problem is money. We should get rid of money at all I stated". All of them were looking with strange eyes to me.

Then I said: “In my teenage years I loved to watch 'Star Trek'. And one of the things I realized years after that, there was never a discussion about money. Even when the Ship was back at Earth and they were on the ground". So why should we not be able to completely change our attitude and understanding of life in that way? I also very early in my lifetime said: "What we see now as fiction in TV shows, might become reality".


In March 2017 I started a journey of knowledge, just by chance. I was using google to find something, I don’t even remember exactly what it was. However, I found some videos regarding ancient artefacts, that show there was something that could not have happen that way as it was always told by general scientists.

Following are just some examples of “Wise Up’s” channel:

This fascinated me and continued to be interesting

A while after that I found also by chance the story of Sumerian tablets and the “speculation” about DNA engineered mankind.


When I was in church I was always saying no there is nobody else in the universe. I was fighting verbally for my truth. When I was reading about Peoples saying there were and are “aliens” I was always saying no that cannot be….

I also found the theoretical writing about Antarctic / Atlantis, which confused me somehow. However, this is not that important. Let’s go on.

In my team at work I have good friend, he’s a religious guy and we several times discussed biblical stuff. Recently he said to me I should go back to church especially as I have so big knowledge. For what I said: “Listen I have meanwhile a different idea how the things happened”.

This was the start to prove my personal theory. I researched the biblical ancestry struggled over the different genealogy listings in the evangelic literature by Luke and Matthew which was somehow strange as I never realized this when I was reading the bible earlier.

However, I could make sense of it with some internet sources as:

Fact is the roots of Islam is the same as the Jews, very well documented in the Bible and as well in Quran. You don’t believe? Read and understand! Based on that statement, which I in fact knew for 20 years, I can’t get why we are still fighting against each other??? There is no reason for it!!

I have read the “book of jubilees”, “book of Enoch” and lot more things. Literature that have been studied already by others before me too. But this brought me to the next questions. The flood happened! There is no question about it. The tower of babel happened. What about the giants mentioned in the bible? I never heard about an archeological proven confirmation of this, so where are those remnants?

On December 15, 2017 I found the answer and it was somehow like a shock.


So as far as we can see from that: The biblical history is true and therefore the historical stuff of Quran is.

The giants were the result of direct copulations between the modern „homo sapiens“ woman and the man’s from the foreign race (to us known as the fallen angels). Due to the natural way of the DNA. The foreign one was dominant and therefore had some “unforeseen” side effect to the development of the body-growing. I suspect some if not all of those womans even died while they gave birth. The bible later on states, that those Giants were eating the other peoples as they didn’t have enough food. And as a result of that the "council of the foreign race" / god decided to react and “clean” the experiment. The result was the deluge.

Going back to the Alien stuff.

Erich von Däniken and a lot of others have been telling for years that there are foreign civilizations in the outer space, watching us, visiting us, abducting us. There have been dozens of stories that you can find as well everywhere on the internet.

Just as  example:

In one of von Dänikens newest books called “Was ich jahrzehntelang verschwiegen habe (2015) ISBN 978-3864452383” he quotes statements of even well-known peoples from Government, Army, Science that confirm the existence of being from foreign worlds. In the further text he wrote the question: ”Why don’t they just show up?” He’s answering the question in that way that those races don’t want to bring us in panic mode, which maybe would result in other kind of activities such as wars on earth. That would not help us nor them. I think this argument is well reasonable from a universe point of view.


 *** I'm not sure about this last video. It could be a fake one. I write this because this guy also published some other fake stuff.

Following is just speculation:

Back to the younger time in the Bible and Jesus. If he is the one that was supposed to be. Maria got an “in vitro fertilization” not done be us, but by them. The star of Bethlehem. No one could explain so far what it really was. As the star was staying more or less in position tell he went away. I suspect now, that it was a an Alien Spacecraft with lights on.

Did Jesus die on the cross? Most probably not, but he fell into a coma and looked as died. He was brought to the grave. And the Alien race took his body up to the Spacecraft.


If you would like to contact me please use smhswiss at gmail dot com. More true value stuff is always welcome.